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Author's Corner

Kings Mission Spotlights published authors.

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HERE IS PROVEN STRATEGY TO TRANSFORM OUR CITIES AND NATION THROUGH A WORSHIP REVOLUTION -- THIS BOOK REVEALS How to unlock heaven by the key of David. * Discover why Seventy Seven Chapters in the Bible are about King David and his kingdom...

A Second Reformation is Emerging Today. It is all about giving birth to the authentic Biblical Church life in traditional local churches as well as in house churches. This book is about the true nature and the organic expression of the Church that was birthed on the Day of Pentecost 2000 years ago and the need to return to it. 

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In this book Lucia shares her heart; the joy, the pain, the struggles and most importantly, the victory. Learning that Christ is her Husband, her Provider, her Everything, it is her desire that through these pages that the reader experiences healing and renewed strength for their own journey.

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