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Our Team

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Apostles Rune & Berta Brännström

The Brännströms planted a church in 2000 and began a weekly pastor fellowship on the Southside which lasted for over 20 years. Together they serve as Apostles for The King’s Mission Fellowship on the south side of San Antonio. They are very invested in the unity of the Body of Christ and are active in networking with other pastors. Today, their heart is to see the Kingdom of God manifested with its glory and power and every man and woman of God mobilized in their gifts and callings.


Pastors Jimmy and Becky Orosco

Pastors Santiago & Rebecca Orosco
have been married 49 years. They have 3 children and 7 grandchildren
They have served the Lord together for 39 years. Their passion is Isiah 61:1-3 & John 17:21-22!


Pastor Jacob Payne

Saved at the age of 10 years. Holy Ghost Filled at 13 years old at a Youth Camp and now has a passion for raising up leaders- to stir them up in their gifts, callings and with the fire of God. Pastor Jacob is married and has 2 little Girls.


Eld. Maria (Rini) Roach

Eld Rini is a retired RN. She was saved in 1973 and accepted her call to ministry in 1989. Her passion is teaching the word - specifically the Barnabas' ministry. Eld Rini loves to paint prophetically. 

Jon Doe

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Jane Doe

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James Doe

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Deacons Jim and Liz Hartnet


Deacons Daniel and Liz Wright


Bro Rudy


Eld Maria Alicia Martinez

Elder Alicia was saved in 1985 and has been serving since by the Grace of God.


Eld Lucia Munoz

Elder Lucy has been in ministry for 40 years 

and has an associate degree from Vision international school of ministry. She is an author & intercessor with a passion to bring the gospel of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

In her downtime she enjoys soap making, cooking and gardening.


Deacons John and Gloria Gover

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