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The Local Church

A dwelling place for the Lord.
An oasis for the people of God.
A light for the World.

Purple Podiums

A dwelling place

Ephesians 2:20-21, Exodus 25:1-9

To be a dwelling place for the Lord Himself and His glory. A dwelling where the Lord is pleased to abide and where He reveals Himself. A place where people can come and commune with Jesus and experience His personal touch and hear His voice. Concretely this means: We become true worshippers We become a house of prayer We place the Lord in the center, not programs or projects.

Song of Songs 4:12-5:1

To be an oasis for renewal, restoration and fellowship for God's people Concretely this means: A solid fellowship of love - koinonia Genuine friendships Sharing of daily life both in the natural and in the spiritual A nurturing environment where people find inner healing and restoration The church in the home is the key in accomplishing the above

Leaf Pattern Design



White Room


for the World

Matt 5:14-16, 28:18-20

To reach out with the gospel to children, youth and adults to draw them to Christ Concretely this means: Opening our homes in hospitality Having home-groups that are reaching out to the lost and inviting them to the home meetings Developing friendships with Christians and non-Christians Reaching out to the poor to meet practical and spiritual needs Reaching out to youth with recreation, concerts and fellowship Raising up and releasing men and women into ministry, in and out of church.

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